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Strategic Sponsors of 4th Forum 2019

Welcome to Duqm (Al Wusta) region

Duqm is one of the states of the Central Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman, which is located on the coastal strip of the Arabian Sea open to the Indian Ocean and is about 550 km away from the Governorate of Muscat and is characterized by its beautiful beaches and moderate climate throughout the year.
The Wilayat of Duqm is located on the coastal strip of the Arabian Sea open to the Indian Ocean, and is characterized by multiple fish and oil wealth. In addition to beaches, soft sand and mountain ranges overlooking the Arabian Sea, such as Ras Duqm, Ras Markaz and Ras Madraka, Duqm has many other tourist attractions, and the Rock Garden is one of the most prominent of these sites.

Integrated Business Environment in Duqm

Duqm Economic City in Al-Wusta Governorate is accelerating the pace to join the major integrated and interconnected logistical hub, after the infrastructure for it has been completed with the presence of an airport, port, dry dock, factories, stores, hotels, residential complexes, integrated service projects and an oil refinery, while work continues on the oil refinery and other projects.

The Omani government has positioned the city of (Duqm) within its plans to establish an investment zone that contributes to raising its gross domestic products, and through which it implements its policy of economic diversification and attracting global investments through the presence of a safe and tight environment with regulations, laws and incentives. Today, Duqm differs from what it was ten years ago. Years ago, the Duqm Economic Zone witnessed the realization of major investments, the most important of which was a new airport, a dry dock for maintenance of ships, a commercial port, an oil and petrochemical refinery, a cement factory, factories and companies with international investments, as well as a group of hotels and residential complexes in addition to a network of roads and integrated services. This readiness qualifies it to be a major terminal for trade between East and West, and an integrated industrial complex on international shipping lines, thanks to its geographical location on the Arabian Sea, open to the Indian Ocean and close to consumer markets in Asia and Africa.

Duqm an Investment Hub

According to statistics from the Duqm Economic Zone, the government and companies from private sector have signed contract until the end of 2019, for the investment of about $ 14 billion in the region. This growing and accelerating economic boom will change the service and commercial sectors which will revive the Sultanate’s economy by opening many job opportunities for the local in the country.  All indicators, highlight’s the potential of creating opportunities for small to medium-sized companies which shall contribute to grow business during the upcoming phases and have positive reflection in the GDP; positioning the Sultanate as an attractive country for global investments. With the importance of its economic resources, it shall play an important role in boosting country’s economic and significance contribution in the state budget.



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